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Microsoft 365 Licence Choosing Tips

1.  Identify your company’s needs
Before you purchase your Microsoft 365 license, decide which applications and services you need and how many users will require access. (Charities can also get free/discounted licences from Microsoft!)

2. Don't over-spec
It can be easy to get carried away and want all the features - or to not be sure what you need, so pick on the safe side and spend more than you need.

Working with an experienced Microsoft partner can help you cut away the things that actually might be overkill for you... Like using Microsoft E3 base licences when your staff count is small enough to qualify for Business Premium instead!

You should also evaluate whether everyone in your organisation will need access (and which applications they’ll need access to). A common reason for overspending is by giving users all the same kind of licence, when really only some users need the full features/functionality.

3.  Look out for unnecessary expenses
Choosing your Microsoft 365 licenses can be challenging, as the names and bundles change often. It’s easy to get confused about the different options. Microsoft often markets its latest licenses and bundles prominently, but these may not always be the best solution for your company.

Don't pay monthly when you can pay annually! Monthly licences cost 20% more than annual, so a saving can be made if your staff count is pretty stable and you can commit to a year at a time. (If you do need flexibility, be careful about pay-monthly-but-commit-annually... it looks like a monthly option, but you won't be able to reduce the licence count during the term for ANY REASON. So don't choose these if you need the flexibility)

Conversely, don't buy one of the more expensive bundles when a more affordable license would better suit your company’s needs.  This includes for staff who work in roles or areas of the business where they don't really need the full licence features - can you put just those staff on a lower level licence?CONTACT US NOW for a no-obligation consultation

Ensure you are using all you're entitled to

Don't throw money away by leaving unconfigured important things you're entitled to - like security and compliance features which come with Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences.

Spend a little time checking everything you've got - You can also see if savings can be made elsewhere. For example, do you have Business Premium licences, and already pay for a separate Antivirus software? You can get rid of that, since Business Premium comes with a Defender product which includes great antivirus protection!

How else can Syplex Help?

As an experienced Microsoft, Dell and Cisco partner, and IT manager for our clients, we can advise on the best products and features for your specific needs, offer tips on avoiding issues and help you get the best value for money and user experience from your Microsoft 365 tools and other vendors!

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