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Ensuring IT systems and software are as secure as possible is enormously important to the continuity of every business today. Whatever we do, we ensure that security is not neglected and our clients can be reassured that someone is paying due attention to the security of their IT setup.

We know that our clients have different priorities and risk profiles when it comes to IT security, so we tailor our approach to their needs. Whether that be highly sensitive data protected at multiple levels with best-in class security software, or simple unobtrusive settings, policies, and configurations which confer maximum protection with minimal business friction, we consult with you and advise accordingly.

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security assessments

Syplex have many years of experience setting up secure IT environments for our clients, and we can quickly and effectively identify areas of greatest improvement to you so that you can take action to improve your security position.

We can also tailor a Security Assessment around the following areas, dependent on your particular requirements:

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme which is designed as a benchmark to help organisations cover the most important security bases. We can follow the Cyber Essentials assessment criteria to identify what remediation actions you'd need to take in order to be certified - either for peace of mind or to improve your security posture, or because you need Cyber Essentials Certification, which we can also help you achieve. Today, many government contracts or clients require an organisation to be Cyber Essentials Certified in order to be a supplier or partner.

Microsoft Secure Score

If you use the Microsoft Environment, you will be able to access their tool, Secure Score. A Syplex security expert can review your Secure Score and help you understand the key remediations it can suggest for maximum business impact - and if desired, even help you to achieve those remediations and improve your Secure Score.

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Microsoft Products

Several Microsoft licences and add-ons now contain extremely powerful security features. Here are some examples of licences you could use which would allow us to configure the given security features: 

For the Small Business

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Licences (£16.60 user/month) are an excellent choice for the SMB which wants to cover their security basics plus a bit extra, without breaking the bank.
As well as giving your users the productivity-boosting benefits of the office apps, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive and more, this subscription carries some powerful security features: 
-Data Loss Prevention
-Mobile Device Management
-World-class Antivirus and more from Microsoft Defender 
-Automatic Updates 

For the extra security-conscious

For businesses who want or need additional security, such as those who handle very sensitive data or work in high-regulatory areas, some additional security products might be recommended: 

Defender for Endpoint Plan 2
As well as the features described above which are included in Business Premium, this add-on provides:·        
-Device Discovery     
-Threat and Vulnerability Management       
-Threat Analytics
-Automated Investigation and response     
-Endpoint Detection and response
And more! 

Microsoft 365 E5
This full-featured business licence includes all the functionality in Business Premium, plus much more. As well as Defender for Endpoint Plan 2, described above, it includes the following security features:
-Azure Active Directory Premium 1 & 2
-Azure Information Protection Plan 2
-Information protection and governance
-Insider risk management
-Microsoft Defender for Identity
-Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
-Advanced eDiscovery and advanced audit 

If you'd like any guidance on which Microsoft licence would suit your business needs and/or security posture, we would be happy to discuss it with you. 

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secuRe installations

Do you have an office move or a new network or system setup coming in the near future? 

Syplex have decades of experience setting up networks, server rooms and office hardware. We can make sure that your installation is planned expertly and completed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal impact on your business. We will ensure that security is not an afterthought, but planned into your new environment from the very beginning.

security consultancy

Do you have an IT security-related problem which your in-house team is not equipped to deal with? Our Security consultants have years of experience in SMB IT security, and can work with you to investigate the problem and suggest appropriate solutions for your needs.

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